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Scarborough Table Tennis Club

Covid-19 Impact Update 01/07/2020

Due to Covid-19, sessions were suspended for some time.

Then they resumed, with access restricted to just members who had already paid for 3, 6 or 12 months play.

As of the beginning of July 2020, the latest message from the President is: "We are only open to existing members at the moment whilst we are going through a process of Incorporation and adjusting to the changes imposed by Covid-19."

All members who have not prepaid for 3, 6 or 12 months must prepay (such as via bank deposit) for each session that they wish to attend. All members should have received information, via email, on how to do this; but if you did not, please contact the President.

Club Info

Photo inside venue.

If you love table tennis you will love Scarborough Table Tennis Club.

We cater to all levels of players from beginners, through improvers to serious competitors.

The committee strives to create a friendly and supportive environment where everyone will feel welcome.

The venue is awesome, with beautiful timber floors and incredible lighting that ensures all tables are uniformly lit without glare.

There are 12 top-quality tables. The high barriers between each court reduce the number of times that balls end up on other courts so play is less frequently interrupted.

Each session typically attracts 20 to 40 players with a wide variety of levels of skill and experience so, irrespective of your current level, there is always someone for you to play with.

Coaching is also available to help you get to the next level!

Wheelchair access is available.

There is also a spacious viewing area where you (and your support crew) can watch games and enjoy tea, coffee and biscuits while you chat to other players and visitors.


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Social play at the club is available in two sessions:

  • Thursday 7pm to 10.30pm, and
  • Sunday 9.30am to 12.30pm.

The club operates throughout the year. The only days when there will be no play on a Thursday or Sunday are Christmas Day and New Year's Day (or if the centre is closed for any reason, such as maintenance).

All players are required to help with setting up, and taking down and storing tables (so that session co-ordinators can just co-ordinate). Please be a sociable and enthusiastic helper.

Each player in a session should do at least one of these:

  • arrive in the half hour prior to session start time, and help put up the first few tables,
  • arrive after the session start time, and put up an additional table if there is still space,
  • in the closing stages of a session, if you are leaving and it is clear that there are more tables up than needed, take down at least one table (starting with table 12, then 11, then 10, etc - because they are stored in this order),
  • store other equipment (such as balls, noticeboard, ball catcher, etc) at the end of the session.

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Scarborough Civic Centre,

173 Gildercliffe St, Scarborough.

Venue map.
Venue site plan thumbnail.

Please click on the site plan above for a larger view.

Fees in 2020

Fees icon.

Here's a tricky (not!) question to ask yourself:

Should I:

  1. vegetate at home in front of the TV?
  2. spend over $20 to sit stationary, and mostly silent, at the movies while I fill myself with junk food?
  3. spend very little (and even get free use of a bat if you're new) to enjoy several hours of fun, exercise, skill development and good company at Scarborough Table Tennis Club?

You made the right choice didn't you?! Excellent! So please keep reading for details of the club fees this year.


If you are a prospective new member, you may initially play in three sessions as a visitor. After these three sessions, you must become a club member if you wish to play again.

A person who is a member of another club AND is a current member of TTWA (or an equivalent in another State), may play as a visitor at any time.

Irrespective of whether you are a visitor or a member, the playing fee for a single session is:

  • adult: $10/session;
  • junior: $7/session.

The cost per session can be reduced by paying for three, six or twelve months in advance. To find out more about these options, please talk to a committee member.


If you are new to the sport of table tennis, and you have not yet purchased a bat, the club does have a few available for use during sessions. These must be returned to a committee member at the end of the session.

There is plenty of advice available from the committee, and from other club members, to help you to choose an appropriate bat when you are ready to buy.

The club does not sell bats, but club members are permitted to display "for sale" notices on the club notice board. So you may be able to pick up a used bat, from another club member, to get you started.

Rules and Conduct

The sport of table tennis is played in accordance with the International Table Tennis Federation rules (which you should be able to easily find online).

Scarborough Table Tennis Club is governed by a Constitution, and also has a code of conduct for all players (that applies to both members and visitors). A committee member can provide you with copies of these. Please ensure that you are familiar with the club's code of conduct before you play at the club.



In the Sunday session, coaching is available to adults and children at no additional cost beyond the session fee.

Adult Coaching

For the first hour of every Sunday session, Ajay (an accredited coach) visits the club to provide adult coaching.

Typically 4 to 8 people will take turns to have 5 to 10 minutes each with the coach during this hour.

Children's Coaching

In the Sunday session, our club member Hamid (an accredited coach) takes great pleasure in providing training for young children who are relatively new to table tennis.

If you would like your child to participate in this session, please contact the club President to check on current availability.


Champ Photo 1.
Champ Photo 2.

Each year the club runs these competitions:

  • a Closed Club Championship for our members, which usually starts in October or November and runs for about five weeks, and
  • an Open Tournament, usually in August or September, for all players registered with TTWA or an affiliated Association.

Other clubs in Perth (and elsewhere) also host Open competitions that players from other clubs and associations can participate in.

There are also annual State competitions throughout Australia that are open to all club members.

Information about the State and Open club competitions in WA can be found on the TTWA website.

Information about national and international competitions can be found on the Table Tennis Australia website.


You may be happy to just enjoy social table tennis at the club - but if you would also like to have regular formalised competitive play it is available via Pennants.

Pennants competitions provide a great opportunity to meet players from other clubs and encounter new playing styles.

Part of the challenge in Pennants is learning to quickly construct and adjust your play during a match when you have no prior knowledge of your opponent's strengths and weaknesses.

Scarborough Table Tennis Club enters Pennants teams in various grades.

There are three seasons of Pennants (with team nominations usually required approximately two weeks before the season commences):

  • Summer: Feb and Mar (usually 2 team members in each fixture, and at least 3 in each team, with each fixture providing two singles and one doubles for each player),
  • Winter: Apr to Aug (usually 3 team members in each fixture, and at least 4 in each team, with each fixture providing three singles for each player),
  • Spring: Oct and Nov (usually 3 team members in each fixture, and at least 4 in each team, with each fixture providing three singles for each player).

All Pennants matches are played at the TTWA centre in Victoria Park, typically on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Pennants teams are organised by the committee member who is referred to as the Club Delegate. So, if you would like to know more about Pennants, or you would like to be in a team in the next Pennants season, please talk to the Club Delegate.

AGM and End-Of-Year Dinner

The AGM and End-Of-Year Dinner are usually held between late November and mid December - on the Thursday following the end of the Closed Club Championships.

Club History

Although the beginnings of the club are slightly shrouded in mystery, the earliest records indicate that it started in 1973 at the Innaloo Presbyterian Church Hall.

The first official meeting was held at the Morris Hotel on 4 September 1975 with the following present: Mrs. M. Baas, G. Bond, J. Adair, J. Baas, J. Bell, L. Bell, R. Calley, D. Cooper, G. Davies, D. Donovan, A. McLean, B. Martin, W. Mueller, J. Porden, E. Shaw and J. Simcock.

The club has been at it's current site in Scarborough since about 1990.

The name of the club was changed to Scarborough Table Tennis Club around 2005.

Life Members

The following have been honoured with life membership of Scarborough Table Tennis Club:

  • Past (sadly now deceased)
    • Werner Mueller - in appreciation of 40 years service to the club,
  • Current
    • Ben Bender - in appreciation of 30 years service to the club.

2020 Committee

President: Simon Thurtle (phone: 0477 003 456)

Tournament Director: Adrian Reeves

Club Delegate: Ken Li

Social Director: Amber Ku

Secretary: Pat McCaul

Treasurer: Michael Walker

What's New?

The latest news about the club can be found on the club's Facebook Page.